About "Living in Paradise"

This blog site primarily details the unique situation of our life as an Amerasian couple living in Manila.  I have lived in Manila all my life and have worked here in various jobs before I became a lawyer eight years ago.  My husband, on the other hand, is senior to me by twenty four years and retired September 2009.

Unlike other Amerasian couple, we did our planning of his moving here apart.  We admittedly did it in a hurry as my husband's circumstances there necessitated a move.  But nonetheless, for all the foils and foibles of the move, I  believe we have managed to make our life here delightful.

If anything, my desire in coming up with this website is to help Amerasian couples just like us (older-foreigner- younger-filipina) in making our stay here as near to Paradise as possible.  It is also my hope that younger filipinas just like me will take to heart in caring and loving our more older Asawas, by serving them with love and knowledge.