Friday, January 8, 2010

Caveat Emptor (Reader Beware)

Actually, the real usage of the word is "buyer beware"... but I thought it is an apt warning to all readers (if I have one) to take everything I say with a critical eye. I say this not only with regards to what I write, but also with regards to other things they might read on the internet.

I learned this in the past few days as I took an effort to find information from various websites, and found although some were on the dot (as to factualness of their information), others were based on hearsay, or just sheer speculation.

I for one am trying to elevate this blog site to being just a site for my opinions or stories on my humdrum life. More than that, I want to be able to provide some insightful observations based on well-researched facts. I will endeavor to cite the material when I can, or the link if there is one.

Also, I will make some legal analysis on some matters, partly because I have the excuse -- I am a lawyer. :P But never take what I say at face value... I don't work for the Bureau of Immigration or the Department of Foreign Affairs or anything. :p So just take it for what it is ... the musings of a lawyer who believes that there is no one lawyer who has the monopoly of the law. However, if you want expert opinion on a legal matter, I suggest you hire a lawyer who is an expert on the field. :p

Just the same... remember you were warned.

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