Monday, January 25, 2010

Cost of Moving

I am a firm believer of "Murphy's Law" - if anything wrong can happen, it usually will. Of course it doesn't mean that I am the eternal pessimist, but only that I always have a back-up plan if ever the worst happens. Now what does this have to do with moving. Well, I had for the weekend "move" budget allotted P4,000 - 2,000 for the movers and 2,000 for the cost of installing the aircondition. But although I could not think of how else I could be spending on extra, I thought to bring an extra P5,000 with me just "in case".

Well the move went quite well, although my things didn't fill half the truck. When I got to the unit, I learned I had to replace the lockset, as the keys were missing. Somehow I knew that would happen, as the second time I went to the place (the first time when I viewed two units; the second was when I made my choice)they couldn't open it with the keys they thought was for the unit. That didn't bother me too much, because I did feel that the original lockset looked unsafe. So I was asked what kind of lockset do I want -- I said the best looking one (did I tell you I am vain?); that set me back by P1,700 for the front door lockset. How about the back door? I went cheap on that one, anyway the former lockset was only a simple lock without a knob -- that one costed only P300. So my original P5,000 was reduced by P2,000. Then they had to install both. The installation for the front one costed P300 and the other at the back costed P200. The total cost for installation of the locksets? 500

Then we started installing the aircondition (the entire thing lasted from 10 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.). Since I had no idea when the aircondition and the rest of my new appliances (refrigerator and gas range) would arrive, I asked the appliance store what was the dimension for the aircon -- 15' height, 22' width and 26 DEPTH. At any rate, the aircondition arrived around after lunch (1:00 p.m.), he had already started drilling. Time came for installing the aircon, can you guess what happened? There was a YAWNING gap on the left side? Guess why? Because he heard 26'!!! Probably not understanding the word "depth" since I did not explain it in Tagalog! LOL! Honestly I was good natured about the yawning gap since they were willing to cement it (still at my expense), and also because I felt partly to blame for not explaining what was meant by "depth". Also at that point in time, my excitement over my husband's arrival just totally overshadowed any slight irritation I had over paying extra for the cost of the cement and paint. :P Anyway, the extra cement only costed P30.

So what else did I have to pay? Well P300 for installing the two curtain rods and P300 for the new breaker (the old one was broken) plus labor.

I ended up paying an extra P200 for nailing the feet on my bed. :P All I know is that over-all I paid an extra P1300 to the original P2000 I had allotted for them.

At any rate, Murphy was still right up to the very end. After they left, the bolt that connected the water closet to the water supply broke!

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