Sunday, January 17, 2010

Why Quezon City?

I have lived in Metro Manila for 30 ++ years of my existence. I lived in Sta. Cruz, Manila (heart of Metro Manila) for about 16 years, Novaliches, Quezon City (during College) for about 5 years, and Pasay City for 16 years. When I lived in Sta. Cruz, Manila, I remember always suffering from respiratory disease as a child. Also, now that I presently live in Pasay City (near the airport, we are in the boundary of Pasay and Paranaque) I have suffered from severe asthma especially when I was studying in law school and I slept late nights. I think maybe it is the airplane fumes, I don't know for sure, but something is certainly irritating my throat.

However, for the 5 years I spent in College (went to school at U.P. Diliman -- plied the route of Katipunan all throughout College) I don't recall having suffered so badly with respiratory disease. I also recall my throat to be in a better condition during the 4 months I stayed on the campus during my bar review.

My husband visited the country 3 times, and in those 3 times (except the last) he always came home to the U.S. with some respiratory infection. In the last stay we stayed almost majority of the time in Boracay. When we were in Manila, he was wise enough to take Benadryl. In the first two visits we were mostly in Pasay City and Makati City.

If you are wondering about the state of air pollution in your locality of the Philippines, check out this article.

So in staying in Quezon City, I am hoping for the best for both of us -- that we will have better air quality. Of course, Quezon City has changed since the 16 years I took my undergraduate there,nonetheless, I am still hopeful that it would still be better for my Asawa and I.


  1. hi claudette. i know air quality in metro is pretty bad cause most of the vehicles there run in diesel which emit that black thick sulfur fume. as far as i can remember, it's been like that eversince. goodluck and i hope things will work out for you and your hubby.

  2. If I had to live in the metro I'd likely be in QC ... of course, the city is so big there are so many places to live that are still QC that it might be a tough decision. My wife's family was very near your school for most of my wife's childhood (Teachers Village/Magihawa (sp)).

    "The ate" and her hubby live in Mira Nilla, Tandang Sora area ... I'm a frequent enough visitor that I have a subdivision sticker on my car, but I really don't like the traffic there, but the air certainly seems better than Ortigas or Makati.

    I was at a restaurant in Fort Bonifacio one day when a fellow came up to me in the parking lot trying to get me to go next door to a large condo building. I told him thanks, but no thanks, I wasn't interested in living there at any price.

    When he asked why, I just told him to look up and tell me if he could see the top of the building ... lost in smog. "That's the reason." I explained to him.

    I think he's still trying to figure out what I meant.

    We've given up for the time being on the idea of building on land my wife owns in Zambales, but I still love making frequent trips up there ... it's a ritual for us, usually on the Canadaba viaduct, to push the car aircon intake selector from 'recirculate' where it mostly 'lives' to the 'fresh air' position and feel the clean air sweep in.

    I've not permanently given up on leaving the Metro far behind. I lived three years in Tokyo, and most of Manila is now about the same ... poor to really bad.