Sunday, February 14, 2010

Finally Here Before Valentine's

He is finally HERE!!! And what a relief! :p I didn't see him in the arrival area, one hour after the Asiana flight had arrived, and I was already getting worried, thinking that something horrible has happened to him. I didn't want to call his children abroad, as I felt it would be too early to worry them. But finally I saw him, acosted by two men at the arrival area (worry). At the back of my mind I was thinking if this was some immigration hulla-baloo or he was being interrogated for something. It turned out Asiana had lost one of his baggages which has three months worth of medicines! In any case, they said it would be returned the next day, and it was.

At home, having arrived two weeks ahead of him at our new place made it possible for me to apply for a cable connection such that the day after his arrival, our connection was installed. It costed me P2750 for a 6-month connection via Global Destiny... and not bad, it had almost all the channels that my Asawa Pogi wanted. Tomorrow (today) is Valentine's and we are buying our first weekly groceries. I budgeted P2000 for that (wish us luck)... Hopefully that should be enough for our two-person household.


  1. Claudette, may I ask if you run the internet of some kind of cable adapter in your apartment? In other words is the internet seperate from cable?

    Two weeks is not that bad for installation of a new cable service.


  2. Nope.. they installed it in one week! I was here two weeks in advance of him but I didn't apply until a week after.

    Our internet connection is separate though. We have a wi-fi router that allows us to use two laptops in the apartment. :) Cool service and relatively fast. I got the router the day I applied since I had credit card billings showing I was a good payor. :p I had a lock-in of two years though. But that shouldn't be too bad.. the payment to get out of the lock in shouldn't be too high if we really need to leave the country.