Saturday, March 6, 2010

Shall Contend with BOI Another Day

After filing our 13-A at the BOI, and realizing it would take longer than I expected. I began to think of what I considered should have been an obvious question earlier on -- so what happens to the temporary tourist visa that is valid only for 21 days. The obvious answer was that it needed an extension. Just to be certain about it, and so that we wouldn't have to pay extra more than we already had, I decided to take the easy route --- call Atty. so-and-so, a Law school classmate to inquire on the procedure. Yes, it turns out we needed to extend.

Since I didn't want the hassle anymore, and I know an officemate owns a travel agency that does extension, I asked him to do the visa extension for us. I figured, heck the extra service fee he would charge would just be less than my daily wage -- why should I bother the cost of food for lunch and extra fare (and hassle) to file it myself. So I took the lazy route this time and asked them to file it for me.. for the minimal cost of P1,500 service fee.

However, the extra filing fee did put a damper on my budget.. but what the heck. The cost of fees are broken down as follows:

ACR Fee (Adult) 1000
Head Tax 250
Legal Research 70
Visa Waiver Appl Fee 1000
Visa Waiver 500
MNTH Exten Appl Fee 300
MNTH Extn Fee 500
ECC Fee 700
Certificate Fee 500


Express Lane Fee 1000
Exp Lane Fee (Cert) 500

A grand total of P6320, on top of the P7120 already paid for the 13 A. Another two months before I have to contend again with the BOI.

Asawa is valid for stay until May 15, 2010, unless the 13 A is sooner approved (which I doubt). Or another P6320 for another extension.

Thanks to my officemate who incidentally is not only a lawyer himself, but part owner of a travel agency in Bulacan. If anyone ever needs help in this department and you live near him his company is JetsGo Travel Services.


  1. Interesting that your investment for the 13a so far is only P7120. I've heard a lot of horror stories quoting a whole lot more. Hope it comes through for your hubby without any further hassles ... that fee is very comparable to what it would have cost him to apply while still in the US.

    I always advise spouses who are going for the 13a to get theirs while in the US rather than waiting until you get to the Philippines ... especially if you aren't planning to live in the Manila area.

    I always also advice that anyone staying more than 21 days get a tourist visa from their servicing Philippines consulate/embassy. It's the law, and it saves money, that first extension (from 21 days to 59 days) is eliminated completely.

    But of course, I seldom follow my own advice, that's why I'm still here on Balikbayan privilege ;-)

    The link to your friends travel agency site doesn't seem to work correctly ... I found it at: directly.