Thursday, April 1, 2010

Endeavoring to Live a Non-Tourist Life

One thing about these last two months with my Asawa is that we still are in that state where we are in some type of tourist-party mode. You know, spending our money like there is no tomorrow. We live a comfortable life in the Philippines, mostly because we both have some form of steady "income" - his pension and my salary. When only with my salary I felt I had enough to live comfortably but certainly not luxuriously, but now with both our "incomes" we live a higher than average cost-of-living -- more times to eat out and buy new things for our new home. Just after our late night dinner date, my husband and I started on a discussion on stabilizing our budget and prioritizing certain things which I find to be absolutely important, e.g. health plans for both of us, sticking to a food and entertainment budget, rainy-day funds, etc..

Hopefully in the next few months we will live a less party-like life. Certainly having him with me on a day-to-day basis has been a party enough for me.


  1. This is something very hard to get across to many of my foreigner friends. Balibayn Filipinos also suffer a bought of being 'spendy' as well, but if they grew up here they usually quickly regain their native tendency toward thrift.

    Many foreigner friends of mine have been in the Philippines many times as tourists and have fallen in love with the idea of living here. Well, good on them, after all I'm living here and it works for me ... but they frequently have a hard time realizing that living in a Makati hotel or in some classy resort on Boracay for two weeks is not what 'living in the Philippines' is all about.

    You have to get yourself into 'sustainable' accommodations and start living life at other than franchises of US food outlets and such in order to find out what living here is really going to feel like.

    Of course if you can live in that Boracay condo full time, hooray for you and enjoy ;-)

  2. Very amusing Dave. I guess at the end of day one has to cut the garment with the cloth that you have in hand.

    I would imagine a Boracay condo would be very nice from time to time.


  3. Dave, can you tell my Asawa that? LOL! :p Just kidding! :p