Friday, May 28, 2010

13 A Temporary Resident Visa Approved!

And just in time too.. Our first extension, which was a two-month extension ended last May 12, 2010. We unfortunately had to extend it one more time until June 12, 2010, since we didn't receive any notice from the Bureau of Immigration in the beginning of May. Last week, I finally received a text from a staff at the Bureau of Immigration for my husband to bring his passport for visa implementation and he can now get an Alien Certificate of Registration Card.

The processing time certainly wasn't as bad as I heard. Thanks to the Bureau of Immigration, Makati for their expeditious response to our petition. I'll see them again next year, when the temporary visa expires.

For those who want to know,here are the requirements:

1) Bureau of Immigration general application form.
2) Bureau of Immigration Request for Clearance form.
3) NSO issued Marriage Certficate if you were married in the Philippines. If not, a Marriage Certificate duly authenticated by the country where you were married.
4) Letter by your filipina/filipino spouse petitioning the foreigner spouse under 13 (a).

Here are some of my posts narrating our ordeal:

1) Filing of petition.
2) Interview


  1. Good news indeed. Now he'll also be getting his very own "Philippine Gold Card" (they call it an ACR-I, but Gold Card has such a nice ring to it. diba?)

    So the husbandly-half has been here more thna 4 months now. What are the things that he likes about living here and what issues have made him want to 'escape'?

    You were very concerned about the costs of is medications ... has that worked out better than you expected, or ???

  2. Does it reflect in your husband's ACR-I whether he's a permanent or temporary resident?

  3. Just applied for one last August 19 :) They said it's just for one year, it seems we need to get a new one after. Although it probably is better if I tell you when I get it already, just to be certain.