Saturday, May 1, 2010

Busy with Work and Marriage :P

I don't have a good excuse for not keeping my blog up to date. I just have too much on my plate so to speak, and I couldn't seem to compose a cohesive article of reasonable interest for someone else other than myself.

Nonetheless all is well in paradise still inspite two major events that was unexpected:

> Drop in the value of the dollar against the peso;
From the time my Asawa came to the Philippines in the middle of February, the dollar has dropped from P45.8 to P44.3 to a dollar. If we relied solely on his pension, it would certainly be disconcerting that the value of the dollar has dropped. But fortunately, we have as much liquidity in peso as we have in dollar. My salary (in peso) basically takes care of the weekly expense while his dollar covers the major expenses like rent, utilities and his medicines. It is still a paradise for us here and we are still thankful inspite of what has been happening to the dollar.

> Rise in the price of electricity.
Our electric bill rose from P3000++ for the period of February 8 to March 7, to P6,000++ for the period of March 8 to April 7. A big chunk of the electric consumption can be attributed to a 1.5 aircondition, which is necessary for my Asawa who has high blood pressure. It was exacerbated by the fact that the temperature has not exactly been favorable hovering within 37 degrees celsius. I am still praying that the next bill is not going to be as bad as everyone says it will.

There are other things I am still working on. I act like my Asawa's personal secretary so I have my husband's to-do list on top of my own to-do list and that gives me alot to do. I was offered a scholarship for Public Management in a Singapore College and I am still pondering whether I want to take it. At any rate, I will still endeavor to come up with something more than a narration of my trivial life.


  1. You never have to worry about writing personal stuff .. my readers always tell me they like to read such posts .. though to me, it's often boring to write such ;-)

    In the three plus years I have been in the Philippines full time, the Peso to US Dollar rate has swung from about 40/1 to one day just touching 50/1, and fluctuated a lot in between.

    I usually try to take the good old "ostrich" method of ignoring the rate whenever possible.

    Example, rather than selling small amounts of dollars frequently, trying to take advantage of the swings in value, I now just make one trip to the bank per month to deposit my USD "recharging" check from my US-based account, and at the same time withdraw and exchange enough dollars into Pesos to last the month.

    Whatever it works out to is, well, whatever it works out to, and the rest of the time I try to think of important issues like how many times a day I need to walk Otto the new puppy in order to avoid any 'accidents" (people don't train dogs, IMO,. dogs train their people .. I'll catch on soon, I hope), places to take my 4 and 5yo nephews on their all-to-brief school break and whether or not my diet (and waistline) can "afford" a trip to Brother's Burgers this week or next.

    In the end, it's all good ... or that's what I tel myself anyway ;-)

  2. I have tried holding on to the dollars over the course of a month as much as I can, and wait for a swing in the valude of the dollar. But it has been an effort in futility because the increase is often so miniscule that it doesn't really matter much.

    At any rate, Asawa enjoys my trips to the mall (where the foreign exchange is) since I bring him some treats when I get home. So I guess for him that is good enough reason to change it in small amounts over the month. :p

  3. If anyone wonders how much I take out in dollars in a month - $800. The rest I just leave in savings.

    I have P21,000 a month from my salary set aside for our monthly expenses. I give P10,000 to my mom, also from my own salary.

    So the total amount for just my husband and I is roughly P56,000 ++