Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Fork in the Road

July is a significant month for us, it is the time we re-activate our pending spouse visa application with US Immigration. Our petition has been approved a year ago, but we stopped at the point where we need to pay the Choice of Agent fee and the Affidavit of Support Fee - $470.

Right now, I have to say I really am 50-50 with pushing through with the spouse visa application. I have eight years of practice of law already in this country, and I am turning 40 next year (*blush*). So I wonder if I even want the hassle of starting over again in a place I have never been in.

Aside from that, I have just started really living my life - with my husband. I wonder if I want to continue that life with so many unknown variables - a different job and a different country. Here in the Philippines I am in my element and my credentials are fairly good enough to land me a comfortable job. Over there my U.P. credentials would probably not count any and I would forget about being an attorney for awhile; at least until I pass the bar. There is so much more unknown there for me. Aside from the fear of the effect of a recession to a newly arrived immigrant.

On the other hand, I wonder if by staying here I deprive my Asawa of good healthcare. I also wonder if by staying here I deprive myself even of the opportunities that would not be available for me here -- a higher-paying job and survivorship benefits. Also if we have kids I also wonder if by staying here, I would also deprive them of opportunities that could be available for them there.

Another thing I am considering is the loss of my license to practice law here if I acquire US Citizenship. Filipino citizenship is a necessary requirement to practice law in the Philippines. Even assuming that I can make use of the Dual Citizenship law, would I not have to initially relinquish my Filipino citizenship upon acquiring US citizenship and just subsequently re-acquire it? Does that mean I have to lose my license initially? Of course I am kind of thinking about all these things out loud. Eventually, I will have everything kind of charted in a kind of pros and cons thing where I can make a more careful evaluation of our options.

There are also so many advantages to staying here. I feel so much better raising children here (if we can still have one). I feel they can turn out more like the way we would want them if they were raised here. I don't know... but what do you think?

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  1. Well Claudette, I guess it all depends on where you are are thinking about living in the US. I believe you could do pretty good here in NYC with a law degree, despite the slow down. However if you move to Detroit, it might be a very different story. LOL

    I believe you could do well working for yourself and I would not advise slogging through hours of study in order to pass a State Bar in order to go work for someone. No security in that arrangement. Been there, done that. I am quite fascinated by you thinking about moving to the states as I am in a similar position, except that I am thinking about moving to your country. I know my motivation has everything to do with finance and opportunity. I have lived my entire life in the Big Apple. In fact I once spent several years (in my late twenties) on the Island of Manhattan without ever crossing a bridge into the other boroughs. What a laugh to think that I am now moving to Asia at fifty years old . As you say, nothing in life is written in stone.