Thursday, July 15, 2010

One Step Forward.. But Feet Not out of the Door Yet

So we finally paid it... $470 to the National Visa Center. Inspite that I have spent sometime trying to analyze the pros and cons of going to the U.S. and leaving my profession; I honestly have not made any final decision yet.

As far as I am concerned, I am just making certain that the option is there if we choose to take it. There's no point in saying NO to it right now. Nothing is carved in stone and things that seem so great here now, may not even be that appealing in the future.

I think a great deal of my decision is still wrapped around trying to conceive. We aren't finished trying yet, and I am giving myself a year and a half to give it our best shot. After that I will set my sights into another goal but until that time, I will make it my number one goal.

On the side I am studying the next step to our U.S. spouse visa requirement. That is my job in our household, to figure out the legal requisites for everything, i.e. 1) legal requirements to getting married in the Philippines; 2) visa requirements for a foreigner to stay in the Philippines; and 3) spouse visa requirements in ths U.S.

Yes, you read it right. I am in-charge of even the spouse visa requirements. When we first started going together and first started with a Fiance visa petition, I gave my husband (then fiance) full reign in getting everything together in the petition department. My husband is an intelligent man, having graduated from the University of Michigan in Flint. So I naturally assumed he could figure that out -- well, I was wrong. Our petition was dismally denied and so was the subsequent appeal. I learned then that I couldn't blame him for not knowing the procedure. I think, he was just like most Americans, he thought America was going to give his wife a visa just because she is his wife. That is certainly far from the truth, and so far USCIS has been more interested in getting our money than in caring about whether we get together or not.

So eventually, I was the one who was in-charge of putting the Spouse visa petition together. I read up on it on the internet, and put the package (for filing) together. All that my husband had to do was sign it, mail it, and pay for the petition. Well, the petition was granted. So we are slowly plodding the next stage.

I still feel I need to read more and be careful as to who I take advice from. I always try to check if the website I am looking at is current, and if the ones giving the advice is actually giving just an opinion based on nothing more than perception, or if the opinion is based on experience backed by legal knowledge and facts.

Someday I may come up with my own step-by-step procedure to the visa process (U.S. and Philippines). But until then I will be cautious to always put a caveat in my post --- take everything I say with a grain of salt.


  1. Good that you took a step. I'm hoping you will find this a great adventure by the time whatever finally comes to pass, comes to pass.

    One thing to note about online advice ... which you so correctly say should always be verified ... is that there is no absolute correct answer to many questions, especially involving BI procedures.

    During my first few years here I spent 16 months on a Tourist Visa waiver. That means I wnt 7 times to a BI "sub port" (Field Office) to exstend.

    Every, yes every time I went there were things different to the previous visit, for the same purpose, at the same office. The first time I took really detailed notes, hoping they would be the base for a comprehensive :the way it really works" guide.

    I gave up on that project becuase anything I wrote one visit would wind up working differently the next time. Multiply that by the number of offices times the number of foreigners (of many nationalities) that go through some process each and every day and the task just becomes unmanageable.

    One just has to be flexible, to say the least. But I know you will be. Godspeed.