Friday, September 10, 2010

The Granvilles Visit Manila

As some of you know, my husband and I celebrated his birthday last weekend. Since we had some business we had to attend to near the U.S. Embassy (to get his ACR Card and to go to the Veteran's Affairs), I decided it was also the opportune time for he and I to visit Intramuros (the historical site of Manila). More particularly we went to the Manila Cathedral and Fort Santiago. We could have gone to more places through the Hop on and Hop off tour, but I realized that with the way we move, we would not be making the most of the tour.

In regard to the tour of Fort Santiago, unless you are going there in a group, riding the horse driven carriage is not as interesting as going around Fort Santiago on foot.  Maybe it is just a preference on my part, but I certainly liked going around the place not on the horse-driven carriage. :) Just my take.  Entrance to Fort Santiago itself was a measly P75, worth dropping by if you are anywhere within Manila.

Also, I think the souvenirs are over-priced. You can buy them cheaper at S.M. or Landmark! ;)
Here are some of the photos from our trip:

At the Manila Cathedral (a church of my youth)

Consoling Jesus
At Fort Santiago

Beside "Mi Ultimo Adios" (a poem I memorized in College, don't ask me now if I still have it memorized)

Memorial for the Filipinos and Americans who died during WWII

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