Monday, September 27, 2010


No, this is certainly not about the series on T.V.  I don't even watch any T.V. show regularly to know what is happening there. This is about the consternation with, yet acceptance of the fact that my sweet, loving and totally adorable Asawa Pogi lost his ACR card! :p (Do you note the tongue-in-cheek way I said that?)

After weeks, if not months of actually trying to find time to do these errands, it is a bit disconcerting to think that we actually have to do it again.  Sadly, the procedure in getting the replacement ACR card is even more laborious than the first one, which only required twice a visit to the Bureau of Immigration, and the first visit can even be done once you get the approval on your 13-A visa.

What also makes it a bit heartbreaking is knowing that the card is valid only for this year, considering that it gets renewed next year when he gets issued a permanent resident visa under 13-A.  Sigh... I guess that's life.

Here are among those required to get an ACR card:
All registered aliens, including their dependents, who have been duly issued paper-based ACRs are required to replace their ACRs with the hi-tech microchip-based ACR I-Card.
All aliens who have been duly issued immigrant or non-immigrant visa and all other aliens who are required to register under the Alien Registration Act are required to register and apply for the ACR I-Card. They are the following:
         Permanent residents under:
                 a. Section 13 and its sub-sections
                 b. Republic Act Nos. 7919 and 8274 (Alien Social Integration Act of 1995)
                 c. Executive Order No. 324 (series of 1988)
                 d. Note Verbale No. 903730 dated Sept. 17, 1990 between Philippines and India
         Temporary residents under:
                 a. BI Law Instruction No. 33 (Series of 1988)
                 b. BI Law Instruction No.13 (Series of 1988)
                 c. BI Law Instruction No. 48 (Series of 1988)
                 d. BI Memo Order No. ADD-01-038 (series of 2001)
                 e. BI Memo Order No. ADD-02-015 (series of 2002)
          Temporary visitor under Section 9(a), PIA –one who is coming for business or pleasure or for reasons    of health if his stay exceeds six (6) months
          Treaty trader under Section 9(d), PIA
          Temporary student under Section 9(f), PIA
          Pre-arranged employee under Section 9(g), PIA
          Such other aliens as may be required by law to register
          For those who are required to register but exempted from immigration fees, they may opt to avail of the ACR I-Card subject to payment of the card fee.

The requirements for the re-issuance of a lost ACR Card are the following:
  1. Duly filled-up application form
  2. Letter request
  3. Affidavit of Loss
  4. Police Report
  5. Publication ( two consecutive weeks )
Take note that the above ACR card also serves as the Emigration Clearance Certificate (ECC), Re-entry Permit (RP) and Special Return Certificate (SRC) of the holder upon payment of the required fees.


  1. Lost ACR card? That's really tough because I just got my first card this past June in Manila, and it really wasn't a lot of fun. The people at Immigration were very polite and respectful, but it was quite an involved process. Anyway, I'm looking forward to getting my permanent resident visa under 13-A next year, too.

  2. You bet it is tough. :( Imagine we have to file a police report first and have the loss published for 2 weeks before we even file an application.

    And you cannot choose to wait until the next year to get an ACR, because the old ACR is a requirement for the new ACR.

    But such is life, what can I do but forgive the Asawa Pogi and help him get a new one.

  3. My husband also lost his ACR card. Does BI requires specific information to include in the publication?

  4. No, but the newspaper will ask you for specific information. They asked for my husband's ACR number but I didn't know it, but they just asked for the date it was issued. They will guide you what information you need.