Thursday, October 21, 2010

Responsible Blogging

Yesterday, while at work I was pouring over an extremely long Decision, and a friend of mine (also a lawyer and belonging to the same office) called my attention over a Manifestation that cited a Civil Service law/jurisprudence from a blog.  I was surprised, certainly, since the one who wrote the blog was a colleague of mine from my former office.

I went to look at the blog and found out that he clearly stated in the title of the blog itself that it is unofficial, but the lawyer who saw the said blog site conveniently forgot to state that in his pleading.  Very unethical if you ask me, but it lead me to thinking about my blog and instances when I have interpreted the law.  While I cite the law, in some instances, there was one blog post that I endeavored to interpret the law.  This was different from other blog posts, which although they dealt with the Law, I cited the source and was careful to quote it verbatim. So I already deleted that one blog post that I interpreted the law.

My job now primarily revolves around giving legal opinion, and I have gotten more cautious about it.  I have been burned before, one when I was too eager to please someone or one when I was thinking this is how so-and-so would want me to render this opinion.  And I have realized in the end the ultimate responsibility falls on the person whose signature is on the paper.

So now I digress, the simple lesson I learned from my friends experience is to be careful in blogging or giving out my opinions even in comments on other blog sites.  Opinion is cheap but the price it would cost the fool hardy person who follows you is not worth the momentary elation you got from thinking you were so smart.

So now I will endeavor to write my disclaimer soon...  In the meantime, I reiterate Caveat Emptor.

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