Saturday, November 20, 2010

Anxious but Looking Forward to 2011

I wonder if you people know of any other person who plans their 2011 in November of 2010.  I guess I am one of the few I know of.  I got my 2011 planner and have already penciled out some plans for February 2011.  The most significant of this plan is my husband going back to the U.S. to take care of some things and one of those things include the Affidavit of Support.

We finally figured out what to do next (on or own, no U.S. immigration lawyer) after a phone call to the National Visa Center, which incidentally you cannot get them on the regular office hours. (U.S time that is).  They are as busy as hell! :p  We did however get to them one morning in the Philippines when we just got up and decided to try our luck calling them.

At this point, I am collating all the information on what documents we would need for the AOS, and whether or not we would meet the 125% poverty threshold  or we need to get joint sponsors. I have kind of casually tried to add up the figures in my head and it looks like we will be able to make it.  I just need to get the updated papers on the 401 (k) and the private retirement and I would have a more concrete idea on whether we can make it.

I already got the requirements for the renewal of my husband's ACR, having just fulfilled the first week requirement on the publication.  The total cost for the publication (for two successive Mondays to qualify for the two-week publication requirement) was P876.40. I didn't pay a single thing for the police report (take note of this if you ever need a police report from your local police station) and I didn't pay a single thing for the notarization of the Affidavit of Loss (it's usually between P50 to P100) as I had it notarized by a friend (thank God for friends who are notary publics). :) I do, however, owe her dinner one time.

We plan to visit the Veteran's Affair clinic before the month ends to get a new I.D. and to file the renewal for the ACR at the Bureau of Immigration.  I am persistent to have his ACR card renewed for two reasons: (1) for the possible new ACR card next year when his 13 (a) probationary visa expires; and (2) it has the ECC (emigration clearance certificate) in it, something he needs for his flight back to the U.S.  I want him to be ready with his Veteran's Affairs card before he leaves so that he can just fly in to the U.S. and have his health concerns addressed as soon as he lands.

I am still working on his "To-Do List" there and the timeline involved to finish everything so that he can be either back in time for the filing of a 13 (a) permanent visa OR my going to the U.S., whichever comes first.  At this point, even in my vacillation on going there, I am just leaving it up to God. My one concern is really to be where it would be best for my husband and his health.

It is hard to tell for sure what is best for us, I can only hope that whatever we choose to do that the Lord will help us along the way.

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