Saturday, November 6, 2010

Is Food Expensive In Metro Manila?

A few days ago, my husband and I got into this discussion while doing our nightly walk around the condominium compound.  We were on the discussion on why he thinks we are better off going back (to him) and just plainly going TO America for me (remember that I have never been there).   He said that the cost of living over here is expensive, using as an indicator the cost of food.  He says, over there, there are coupons that could save us so much money in buying food and that, among other things, over there fresh milk is in abundance, unlike over here where the fresh milk don't even taste anything like the ones over there.  I remind him that the only reason the food seems to cost more over here is that we are buying products average filipinos do not even consider "necessary".  Average filipinos don't even buy fresh milk, most make do with instant milk.

On the other hand, I actually think we have enough food for just a two-person household.  Our monthly grocery bill is at P8,000, while my mother and brother's grocery food bill is just half that of ours -- theirs is P4,000 a month.  Of course he makes a point about how we have healthier meals.  Although I also remind him, we waste food much more. :p  We have things in our refrigerator that has been there for months, while theirs run out every month. :p

We buy our groceries alternately from two stores - SM Hypermarket at SM The Block and Landmark at Trinoma.  Our average weekly grocery bill is at P2000, sometimes more, sometimes less.

Here is an example of prices at Landmark Trinoma as of November 3, 2010:

Rebisco 360G (wheat crackers) 63.10
SABA 425 G (canned mackerel) 41.30
SABA Pink Salmon 58.70
Ocean's Best (canned tuna) 29.85
Meadow's Fresh Milk (buy one take one) 114
Skippy (peanut butter- no fat) 144.90
Rejoice Shampoo (360 ml) 149.40
Listerine Mint (250) 133.15
Coke Light 48
Fried Chicken 155.60
Chicken Wings 106.60
Fresh Slice Mushroom 110
Tarragon 13
Gardenia Whole Wheat Bun 45
San Remo Spinach Fettucine 81.65
Cream Cheese 101.60
Hi-Fiber Wheat Bread 67

I didn't include the produce (vegetable and fruits) which we usually spend from between P300 to P500 a week's worth.  It's healthy, I admit though. :) But only if we get to eat it before they spoil.


  1. I miss fresh milk, also, but agree that a family can be fed cheaper if Western style foods are eliminated. My wife feeds herself, her mother, niece, and nephew on P9,000 a month, and that includes laundry,shampoo, toothpaste, and other necessities. She cooks mainly Filipino dishes and has a lot of fish, along with pork and beef in their diet. I have a separate more Western style budget of around P4,000 a month.

    I personally feel groceries and other items are cheaper than the States. It just depends on what you buy.

  2. I agree. Food is cheaper here if only you don't buy the same products and brands as you bought in the U.S.. Support Philippine products, and you would realize it is cheaper here than living in the U.S.

  3. It is always fun reading prices from there but size is hard to compare. Your stype is very readable and intresting-I enjoy reading you blog. I found you from Bobs site. I enjoy the hunt for the foods I want when Im there in Leyte but with Shakeys what more could I ask for in life--we dont have them here anymore!!!lol

  4. Hi! I am glad you like my blog. I will try harder to write here often and for Bob Martin. :)