Friday, December 3, 2010

Dividing My Time

I have not written here for quite awhile.  Sadly because I have just been too busy trying to wrap this year up and get ready for next year.  But inspite my busyness and my inability to maintain this blog, readers of this blog may see me very soon in yet another blog.  Bob Martin's Living In the Philippines.  I would like to believe that that one is more an act of public service more than anything, and this one is a venue for my endless rantings and my incessant need to write.  In this blog site I have full freedom over its literally and intellectual content and even in the extent of how I want to indulge in some occasional melodrama.

However, if my mental acuity will permit it and if I can stay awake after a busy day of nothing but mental work, I may still write about something informational and of a legal nature.  But rest assured that most of my articles here would be more of a personal nature.

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