Saturday, May 28, 2011

Colonoscopy Finally!

Last year, we spoke about getting a colonoscopy.  For various a myriad of reasons it took until now before we have finally scheduled a colonscopy.  Part of the reason was we were scouting for a good doctor - one who is proficient in his profession and yet had a heart.  My husband was very disappointed with a certain gastroenterologist we consulted with at Healthway, who gave him the wrong medicine for his diverticulitis problem.  We did find a good doctor at St. Luke's, as could be expected, but he pointed us towards the "Cancer Screening Package" that was way over our budget - P45,000 inclusive of senior citizen discount.  Since he can never be a "Senior Citizen", you can imagine that the total cost would be more than P45,000.

So we looked around some more, and went to the nearby Lung Center of the Philippines.  It was almost by accident that we found Dr. Leticia Guzman who was there only at 9-10 a.m. on Saturday.  During November last year, my hubby still had a bulging lump on his left side.  I was still concerned as always and the doctor figured out what was partially the problem (apart from diverticulitis).  Apparently, my husband had alot of gas collecting in his colon which was causing his left side to swell and bulge.  Dr. Guzman asked for a full stomach ultrasound   where she herself oversaw the actual ultrasound.  So apart from the diverticulitis medicine that she prescribed that was the exact one that the doctor from St. Luke's prescribed she gave us the idea of getting gas pills.  Asawa got a bunch of gas pills while he was in the U.S. and that has greatly reduced the swelling of his side.

So now that the swelling and discomfort has subsided, it is now time for the colonoscopy.  Seeing as how nice Dr. Guzman seemed (she is motherly and seemed concerned about his welfare) she was, to my husband's thinking, the best choice for the procedure.

We aren't well-off and we have a limited amount of money every month. I haven't set-up my husband with medical insurance yet but I am working on it.  But certainly, in the meantime, he is definitely due for a colonoscopy.  So I asked,a bit apologetically, how much the procedure would cost -- she said, possibly P20,000 but not more than that.  I felt a sigh of relief when I heard that.  It may not be inclusive of the room accommodation yet, and I am still a little too shy to ask if that is inclusive of professional fee, but we will see, hopefully it still isn't as big as in St. Luke's.

The hospital where he will be admitted in is at the National Kidney and Transplant Institute, also a Center of Excellence.  I am praying everything works out. :) I'll keep everyone posted. :)

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