Saturday, June 18, 2011

Will America Be Kinder To My Children?

As I sit here now with the knowledge that I am almost 6 weeks with child, I wonder to myself about the choice I have been failing to make or the direction I have not taken yet, or whether that option will close finally and open only when we re-file all the papers or when the option to relocate becomes open as a widow.  I wonder if by my indecision I am foreclosing choices even for my unborn child.

But really, will the America we know now be kinder to my children? With the healthcare "reforms", higher retirement age and proposed cuts on food assistance to women and children, does my child even stand the chance? Will he/she get a "better" education?  Won't he/she be saddled down with student loans just to get this "better" education?  Do they REALLY have a better education? Or is that something they just want us to believe?

Here in the Philippines, I got my education in the early 90's at barely P2,000 to P3,000 per semester! I even started out my first semester paying a miserly P800.  Of course even the U.P. system has costed more now, but they hardly cost the P100,000 per year on an Ateneo education.

Am I to think that the school system here is not as good as the one over there? When my Aunties who got their medical education here from the best medical and science schools in the Philippines - University of Sto. Tomas and University of the Philippines - are themselves employed by the best hospitals in the US (Mt. Sinai and John Hopkins).  How about Engineering? My sister graduated from the best Engineering college (Mapua Institute of Technology) in the country and is now enjoying a gainful employment as a programmer.  My Uncle (the first of our clan to get to America) was also a Mapua graduate who went on to own his own construction company in the US.

Over here, my child will never have to fear being bullied as ruthlessly as over there.  Nerds are not vilified but respected.  They may not be popular but they never belong to the outcast. Over here there is no fear of being gunned down because you can hardly hear of any incident of a kid carrying a gun in the private schools.  Over here, I will make sure he/she gets the best education and discipline in any field he/she wants, and I will make certain he/she has a fighting chance for a better life in the future, if that better life ever means going to America (of his/her own choice).

Maybe being here would keep him/her from being such a weakling.  He/she should not rely on the government for food, healthcare or unemployment benefits.  Over here you just either sink or swim.  And  I would do everything within my power to make sure he/she has all the potential in the world to do more than just swim.

What does America have to offer really that is better than what we can offer ?  Do I really want my children to grow up relying on the government? Is their education really better? Maybe in the next nine months I can really answer those questions with concrete facts, and then I can make the choice.


  1. Good evening

    I believe congratulations are in order for you and your husband. New life should always be celebrated.

    I believe the question you should be asking is, ‘whether America will treat you more kindly’. If the answer is positive then life will be better here for your child.

    Life in the USA has changed a great deal during the last ten to fifteen years and this process is accelerating. I read your blog from time to time and I like the way you write and speculate about matters.

    I believe the following blog will give a great deal of insight into your prospects as a lawyer coming to the United States.

    The blog is not old but has garnered vast media attention in newspapers such as the NYT and the WSJ. Indeed both newspapers have criticized Law Schools here in the US for spitting out graduates who have very little prospects, in recession torn America. We all know about the graduates from Yale, Harvard, Stanford, ect, but life is grim for many graduates from lower tier schools.

    May God bless you and your unborn child


  2. True, it's hard to imagine starting in some far away place when you're pretty much established where you are.

    I can't imagine raising a child and starting all over again career-wise at this point in my life.

    But nothing is cast in stone we will see.