Friday, August 19, 2011

Excited About the Baby

Been very busy these last few weeks since we learned we are pregnant.  Frankly, it was me mostly struggling to keep my head above water as I try to balance work and all the symptoms that came from being pregnant.  In a lot of ways I am thankful I am in the Philippines when I got pregnant.  People are a little more forgiving if I miss a day or two in a week because I couldn't sleep for one reason or another, or if I woke up with a feeling like my insides are all topsy-turvy.

But its been a few weeks now since I have taken a few days off work to survive my first trimester, and the symptoms now are a little more bearable than they were a few weeks ago.  I have slowly gotten my second-wind trying to finish the workload accumulated in my absence. And now I am better fit to forge forward doing more planning for the baby's arrival.

At present, things are looking pretty well for the baby.  He/she is even bigger for his/her age and is really moving alot.  I am hoping I do not have to go on bed rest any time soon.  But even if I should I have 60 days of (paid) maternity leave and an estimate of at least 4 months worth of accumulated (paid) sick and vacation leaves.  So over all, if I really need it, I can be gone from the Office for a total of 6 months (with pay), if I needed it.

Of course, I have other things I need to estimate, like the total cost of my delivery (if it is going to be normal or cesarean).  If I have to have some more extra money set aside in case of complications requiring myself or the baby to stay longer at the hospital.

I also need to look for a bigger place for our growing family to stay.  Getting a maid now is soon to be inevitable, no matter how much I resist it.  Staying at home as a full-time mom is definitely out of the question, so having a reliable maid/yaya will certainly be a welcome relief to me.

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  1. Delighted to see a post here. I know ... from a man's standpoint ... what the first trimester is like, so I know why you've been quiet. Glad to get a status report, though.

    A yes, a maid. Been there, done that. got the T-shirt, don';t want another one. When foreigners think of moving to the Philippines they often consider the (relatively) low cost of having household helpers a big plus factor.

    Well, it is, in some ways, But my goodness, it's disruptive to life in general and can often be a chore in itself ... and heaven forfend if you want a maid who will do plancha (ironing) as well.

    Right now Mita and I "cheat" a little, as our 18yo niece lives with us while she's in college. We don't treat her as a amid, but she's a lovely girl and pitches in with household duties very generously. (although not with an iron ... I think she was burned by one as an infant and avoids them to this day LoL)

    But she's now within a year of graduation ... I suppose we'll get to start the whole hiring, training, disillusionment, firing trauma all over again ... such a pessimist am I ....