Monday, December 26, 2011

Cost of Giving Birth

I am now on my last trimester, specifically 1 1/2 months more, and I am not finally decided on where I will have the baby - St. Luke's (Global or Quezon City) or Capitol Medical Center.

If money was no object, I would choose St. Luke's hands down.  I have seen the facility and it is excellent, aside that my doctor is accredited there.  But according to my OB, considering the present size of the baby and the fact that he is in breech position, a cesarean delivery is inevitable and will cost P120,000 (barring complications).  She says that Global City has a cesarean package for P98,000 (again barring complications).  P98,000 is still within budget, higher than that will cut into emergency money and budget for purchase of other baby things.

Capitol Medical Center has a budget of P80,000 for the cesarean delivery.  The down-side for this place is that they don't allow the husband inside the delivery room. The upside is it nearer home, its cheaper, and there is a hotel nearby i can book my mom and brother while waiting for my delivery.  Another downside is that I have read a review from a blogger regarding negligence, after making a simple search in google.   Although I do trust my doctor and  myy doctor can deliver in either so its just a choice on the quality of facilities and staff.

I sure can use some advice from those who had their babies delivered in either.  So feel free to comment or e-mail me.

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