Friday, February 10, 2012

Cost of Giving Birth 2

So I finally decided to go with Capitol Medical Center, because of a factor that just made it irresistible.  Our office has a tie-up with the hospital, and although the office doesn't usually reimburse expenses for pregnancies, it does where complications arise by reason of certain things such as mispresentation, e.g. breech pregnancy.  My baby has been in a breech position, but of course, everyone told me he (my baby) will eventually rotate and have his head downwards as it should be.  But into my 37th week of pregnancy, the baby hasn't rotated, the amniotic fluid had decreased already, and worse, his foot has now descended in the birth canal (footling breech).  My oby-gyn said I had to have a scheduled caesarean well before the 40th week (which is usually the full term), otherwise if I go on labor before that time, the baby's head would be in danger of getting caught in the birth canal or the cord get caught in such a way as he would have difficulty breathing (I tried to explain that as well as a non-doctor could).  At any rate, I had to have the caesarean operation early and my hopes of having the baby on the 40th week, hopefully on February 12 (the day my husband arrived in Manila to live with me permanently) was dashed.  So the date of my delivery was moved from some time in February to January 30, which was the latest I could have it.  I filed my maternity leave just a week before I was to have it. 

I wouldn't go into the details of the caesarean section, although the surgery itself was pretty painless.  It was the recovery that was difficult.  I was in the Recovery Room and really felt like half of my body was as heavy as stone.  But I felt no pain.  In that day and the day that followed, I drifted on and off sleep, and I think I was dazed because of the painkillers. 

My husband and I tried to breastfeed, but I had no idea that being in the state I was after the surgery, it was just difficult to produce breastmilk.  I do not know if it was because I was still in so much discomfort and even pain, or if my body just wasn't prepared for it.  My baby had a minor infection, but since we were insistent on breastfeeding, and I had no breastmilk to give, he did get dehydrated on the day we roomed him in.  So eventually we gave up and decided to just give him formula.  We still want to believe we can express breastmilk, but not at the risk of my boy getting dehydrated.

Now about the total cost of hospitalization:

The professional fee was the most expensive.  Luckily I had no complications apart from the fact that the baby was breech so I had only three specialists: (1) the oby-gyn; (2) the anesthesiologist and (3) the pediatrician.  The break down of their fees are as follows:

oby-gyn - P50,000
anesthesiologist - P20,000
pediatrician - P8,500

I didn't pay for my hospitalization because I was fully covered by my office up to P60,000.  But my hospital bill  (minus Philhealth which was almost P20,000) costed P40,000.  Unfortunately, I had to pay for my baby's extended stay in the nursery for his IV fluid, and the total bill minus Philhealth (P2,000), was P6,400.

So I paid out of the pocket around P84,9000.  Sounds expensive?  I guess.  I do know that some people, to avoid the high-cost of delivery, decide to have it in a hospital in the province.  Since I have been a Manilena all my life, I do not have a province, and that option is clearly not available to me. 

There are other expenses that are attendant to having a baby, like buying a crib, a stroller, a car seat, sterilizer, feeding bottles, and a few clothes (as starter).  But there are so many ways to economize on that so I won't tell you how much we spent on those.  :p  Rest assured you could do better by simply buying cheap.  Luckily our crib was a gift by officemates.  The stroller and car seat costed more than the average, but we were thinking of durability.  So did the sterilizer and feeding bottle, but I think we could have aimed for a cheaper one if we tried.

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  1. The best of luck to you both with your young child. You have a wonderful journey ahead of you, so just sit back and enjoy the ride. I hope you will post more often as you write well and dispassionately.