Tuesday, July 14, 2015

What is Best for My Son

I ask about that constantly now.  I have only two years to go before I become fully vested in government service.  By then, I could choose to receive retirement from then Philippine private social security or its government equivalent.  Either way, I am set and comfortable.  After all, I have worked for more than twenty years now - eight in the private sector and thirteen in the government sector.  For all intents and purposes, HERE, the Philippines is my comfort zone.

But I constantly wonder what is best for my son. Is my staying here foreclosing his chances for a better life? Is the USA really the land of plenty? Or  am I just romanticizing something I do not even know?

If I choose to stay here, how will it affect my husband's access to effective health care? He doesn't qualify for a health plan over here because of his age.  I, and my son, on the other hand, are covered by a private health plan I got for both of us. 

Since I got my son social security coverage (about $700); with that, my husband's social security benefit and my salary, we live a fairly decent life.  I think we can send my son to a good school over here.  There, on the other hand, it's a big question if we could afford a good school, since I would be starting all over again.

Certainly if we do move, I will guarantee this - I will have an exit plan.  Because I have more to lose in leaving than I would in staying.

How about you,  what do you think is best for my son?

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  1. A great question. But since you are a well trained, qualified and experienced attorney I am sure you haven't forgotten on of the basic rules of "lawyering". "Never ask a question unless you already know the answer."

    I think you already have an answer in mind, and that is, the best place for your son, especially at his age, is with his mom and dad where ever they are happy..

    There is no remotely provable answer to "which country" should your son be raised in, mainly because there's no way to see the future.

    But you did bring up one important point .. health care in the older years. In many ways people in the Philippines are expected to die soon after 60. Certainly the health insurance industry operates that way. Me, I'll be 70 in September .. health insurance? As we say in New Jersey, "Fuggedgtaboudtit"

    Presently, although I still have no immediate plans to go back to the US, if I had small children? Ah, then that plan might change rapidly, not so much for health care for the children, but because they would have a much better chance at success and happiness if an elderly father didn't disrupt the entire family budget every month just for simple maintenance prescriptions and a few lab tests. I was blown away just the other day, went to our little, local, provincial hospital, asked to have my BP checked, intending to get some BP medicine, and almost two days and way over P20K sent I was released from "confinement". Praise the Lord it wasn't something more serious. A wake up call, perhaps?

    Relax and follow your heart, it's not a decision like jumping off a cliff. Planes fly both ways *smile*