Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Getting Used to the New Normal

Those who know me personally, and not just from this blog, know that I am undergoing cancer treatment.  It is unfortunately Stage 3A Breast Cancer; advanced but not too advanced yet that I feel hopeless.  Although I must admit some days I think of my mortality and wonder how all these planning about the future is futile if later on they find out it had metastasized to another body part, i.e. they see five lesions in my liver that may be benign but also may be cancer but at this point it is too small to know for sure if they are or aren't cancer.  So honestly, I have that lingering thought of my mortality sometimes.

I am turning 48 soon, in less than a month now. I almost always plan 10-year intervals of my life.  My first few years in the U.S. I planned to take the NY bar and take-up my Masters of Law, hopefully, if God is willing in a reputable law school.  I don't claim to have great grades in Law School but I have excellent work experience. I think most of the heads of agencies I have worked for, know me by name. The last time I asked for referral letters, I got really heart-warming praises from my last boss and even from previous bosses.

On the other hand, work or work-related efforts and responses have been pretty dicey.  Since my experience is very much specialized (government corruption) and difficult to cross-over to private law firm work (i.e. personal injury and family law) I have had great difficulty finding work.  Not that I have made a lot of effort. In fact I have not made too much effort, because I know finding work right now will be next to impossible with my cancer diagnosis and treatment plan.  I go to chemo now once a week for twelve weeks.  I know no employer will take me with that treatment plan.  Nonetheless, when I first started looking for a job, before my final diagnosis, I did get two requests for interviews, which I declined after I knew for sure I had a far more advanced cancer than I thought.

So I had started thinking about what I truly wanted to do with my life.  And frankly, I have started to think I want a less restrictive life than a "JOB."  I am thinking that this time of lull may be what I need to look at more freelancing work, or building a more professional blog on a different platform.  I am also thinking of shoring up on studying aspects of law that may be more practical for someone like me who wants to practice in both the U.S. and the Philippines, topics like Elder Law, Social Security, Veterans Affair, Trust and Estates, U.S. Immigration, etc.

I am just thinking out loud of course. On the Philippine side I am thinking on shoring-up on more studying on Property and Philippine Immigration.

What do you think? Good Idea?

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