This is primarily a personal blog written and edited by Atty. Claudette Agatep - Granville.  Although the author is a lawyer by profession, this website is not meant to be a source of information that will be the basis of future decisions of a legal nature by its readers. The author is not an immigration lawyer, nor one whose field of expertise is civil law or land titles. The author may on occasion talk about general concepts in Philippine law, but they should not be taken as an authoritative source on the matter.  The author will endeavor to quote primary sources (e.g. law, Supreme Court cases and law journals) when possible but it is highly recommended that legal experts on the particular field of interest is sought for professional advice.

Likewise, the author is studying for the NY bar, thus, in the process I have gained some legal knowledge on US laws and regulations.  Since I am not yet licensed as a lawyer in the US, do not take any statement I make as authoritative on the subject. I will inform you on when I become a duly-licensed US lawyer.

This blog is a personal site and is primarily aimed at expressing the views and even angst of the author. In some instances she will attempt to be informational.

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